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Have You Seen this Spider?

Yes, quite impressive if you've run into one. What??? No, not scary... :O

Fishing spider are actually known to catch small fishes and water insects. Their bodies can be up to one inch in length. They can also walk on the surface of the water. These critters can invade the basement of your home.

This particular spider was found in a wooded area - in Hoosick Falls, NY - about 200 yards away from the river. They are associated with wooded areas and could be called a tree-dwelling spider.

The female can lay a thousand eggs. The eggs are carried around by her for a time, then guarded in a nursery web. Unlike many spiders, fishing spiders do not usually live on a web, unless they are tending young. They stalk their prey.

They are shy spiders and will avoid people. If bitten by this spider, it would be similar to a bee sting (unless you're allergic). Keep a look out for this and other interesting creatures.

Photos by Bryce McQuillan