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Ants of All Sizes

All Ants Really Do Belong Outside...

This year has been very dry. You are very likely to see ants come into your home or business looking for water. This is why ants are often seen around the kitchen and bathroom.  Most ants fall into two categories, carpenter ants and pavement ants.

Pavement Ants Are Tiny Little Annoyances

They are not agressive and they usually do their "thing" outside. They make those little dirct mounds around driveways and sidewalks, hence their name. They're seen indorrs when searching for water during dry spells. The pavement ants' nest can be difficult to locate, so professional help is required.

Not All Ants Damage Your Home, But Carpenter Ants Do

Capenter ants are a much larger problem. They tunnel in wood, either in the home or outside in rotting logs. They don't eat the wood, but do eat people food. They can be attracted to indoor spaces by food debris and water. Sometimes they swarm and the winged ants are very noticeable. They can be confused with termites by the lay person.

Location of the nest can be a challenge since there is a main nest and various satellite nests. Elimination of the nest is very effective if properly located and treated by an expert.

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