You have pests and we know how to get rid of them. We're licensed in three states and have over 50 years combined experience battling the foes that are invading your home and business: ants, bees, rats and cockroaches... Who knows what else! These pest aren't just a nuisance - they are destroying your property and could be damaging your health. Get rid of them - all of them - the first time and call Staring's Pest & Rodent Control.

A Funny Thing I Heard About Wasps...

Wasps are beneficial insects. They lay their eggs on fly pupa and kill them by doing so. We would do well to leave them alone. Well... that's a true statement - kind of. Wasps are generally harmless, although yellowjackets, umbrella wasps and the infamous hornet can become a health and safety hazard for humans. Read more »

What is Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an industry term to describe a pest control program - including physical, biological, cultural and chemical applications with the least impact on the enviornment. All these aspects are reviewed and discussed when crafting a comprehensive pest management program. Read more »

Pest Control Service Handbook

We provide comprehensive pest control services for both homes and businesses. We have extensive experience treating restaurants and retail facilities for cockroaches, rats and mice in accordance with health department standards. We also keep homes free of bees, wasps, ants and other household pests - preserving personal property and keeping families safe and healthy. Read more »

New "Staring's Pest & Rodent Control" Website

Welcome to my new website! Here I aim to keep my current and future customers educated about pests, pest control and keeping your home and place of business pest free. Visitors will find information about our services, a pest gallery, answers to frequently asked questions and more! It is, and always will be, a work in progress. Read more »


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