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Residential Pest Control Services

Homes are often affected by ants and bees, but may be affected by less destructive critters such and silverfish. Bed bugs are also becoming a common complaint. While these cirtters can be ignored, they are hurting your biggest investment.

Both insect and mammal pests cause damage by:

  • Eating or boring into the structure,
  • Leaving waste litter or other deposits around the interior or exterior,
  • Destroying plants in your lawn and graden, and
  • Introducing diseases and allergens

We'll be able to eliminate these pests and show you how to reduce your risk of infestation in the future.

Providing the pest control services YOU need...

Many pest problems can be eliminated for teh season in one visit. Other, more stubborn, problems may require a follow-up visit or a regular maintenance program. Staring's Pest and rodent control offers flexible appointment times to homeowners. Our professional technicians will be able to identify, eliminate and prevent future infestation by providing you with valuable information.